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Argentina 6.9¢
Belgium 5.8¢
China 5.9¢
Germany 5.9¢
India 8.9¢
Ireland 5.9¢
Israel 5.9¢
Japan 7.9¢
Malaysia 6.9¢
Netherlands 6.9¢
Poland 6.9¢
Mexico City 6.9¢
Singapore 5.9¢
Taiwan 6.9¢
Thailand 5.9¢
UK 5.9¢
other countries

PowerNet Global SureTalk™

Unlimited Local and Long Distance calling
to simplify your life and save money on your phone bill. You can keep your current phone number. There are no switching fees or long-term contracts.

SureTalk includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the continental U.S.
SureTalk Simple includes unlimited local and a per-minute rate on long distance calling within the continental U.S.

Standard Calling Features:

  • Caller ID

  • Call Waiting with Caller ID

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Return

  • Continuous Redial

  • Speed Dialing

  • Per Call Blocking

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

For more Call to Connect information see: SureTalk Details

For ordering and pricing go to SignUp. Rates depend on your location and will be displayed during the sign-up process . You can always quit sign-up before the final confirmation screen.

You may also order PNG Long Distance Service by calling the PNG agent at  1-877-550-5918 (M-F 8AM till 9PM EST, Saturday 10AM till 4PM EST)