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Argentina 6.9¢
Australia 7.9¢
Bangladesh 11.9¢
Belgium 6.9¢
Brazil 8.9¢
China 5.9¢
Czech Republic 7.9¢
Germany 5.9¢
Greece 6.9¢
France 6.9¢
India 8.9¢
Ireland 5.9¢
Italy 6.9¢
Israel 5.9¢
Japan 7.9¢
Malaysia 6.9¢
Netherlands 6.9¢
Peru 8.9¢
Poland 6.9¢
Mexico City 6.9¢
Pakistan 18.9¢
Russia  12.9¢
Singapore 5.9¢
Spain 12.9¢
Taiwan 6.9¢
Thailand 5.9¢
Turkey 10.9¢
UK 5.9¢
Venezuela 7.9¢
Vietnam 12.9¢
other countries

Compare Phone Rates - low cost long distance

 1) Low international rates:  pdf

 3) Low state-to-state rates   3.9¢ per minute 

PNG rates as low as 3.9¢   

Low PNG state-to-state rates based on your location. Rates are displayed during sign-up process
Low PNG in-state rates
Low PNG international rates
• 1 Minute Billing
• Optional Toll Free Number
• 24/7 Customer Support
• Pay by check or credit card (sample bill)
• sign-up on-line or call the PNG agent
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Residential customer

low rates to australia,france, poland, spain

Business customer

low rates to australia,france, poland, spain

or call

To sign with the PNG Long Distance (PNG Power One) click the "Sign Up Now" button and follow the steps.  In addition you may optionally sign up for Travel Card, Toll Free, PowerDial (dial around) or PowerConnect (internet access).
For your protection you will be asked to confirm by e-mail or TPV (third party verification) before changes take place!  You will receive verification email.

If you prefer you may call the PNG agent at 1-877-550-5918 (Monday-Friday 8AM till 9PM EST, Saturday 10AM till 4PM EST) or fax us your order

Low rates to Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia China Estonia Finland Indonesia Ireland Latvia Lithuania Lebanon Malaysia New Zealand Nicaragua Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Slovenia Sri Lanka Venezuela and other countries