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Argentina 6.9¢
Australia 7.9¢
Bangladesh 11.9¢
Belgium 6.9¢
Brazil 8.9¢
China 5.9¢
Czech Republic 7.9¢
Germany 5.9¢
Greece 6.9¢
France 6.9¢
India 8.9¢
Ireland 5.9¢
Italy 6.9¢
Israel 5.9¢
Japan 7.9¢
Malaysia 6.9¢
Netherlands 6.9¢
Peru 8.9¢
Poland 6.9¢
Mexico City 6.9¢
Pakistan 18.9¢
Russia  12.9¢
Singapore 5.9¢
Spain 12.9¢
Taiwan 6.9¢
Thailand 5.9¢
Turkey 10.9¢
UK 5.9¢
Venezuela 7.9¢
Vietnam 12.9¢
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Small Business

For inexpensive quality phone calls within USA and to international locations that may be attractive to small businesses we recommend low cost telecommunication direct dial services provided by PowerNetGlobal. Depending on your current rates you may realize savings 20%-50%.  If you do not want to switch from your current long distance you my be interested in looking at calling cards or dial around (Tel3). It is low cost alternatives to direct dial.
PNG 3.4¢ per minute   

Low PNG interstate rate 3.4 ¢/min
Low PNG in-state rates
Low PNG international rates
• 1 Minute Billing
• Optional Toll Free Number
• 24/7 Customer Support
• Pay by check or credit card (sample bill)
• sign-up on-line or call PNG
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low rates to australia, new zealand, japan, polynesia
Voice Services:

For more information you may  download a printable brochure on PNG Business Services.




Business Toll-Free Service

Your toll-free number can be reached from the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. PowerNet Global toll-free service uses one of the most advanced network structures in the industry and carries a simple flat rate per minute, regardless of the time of day you receive calls.


One flat rate* - all day every day No peak or off times.
Toll-free for your customers Encourages customers to contact your business.
Project account code tracking Enables you to track your toll-free calling traffic.
Customized toll-free numbers Increase customer recall and promotional impact.
PIN number option Helps to eliminate wrong number calls.
Tailored call blocking Block calls originating from specific domestic areas.
No sign-up fees or installation charges You begin saving immediately.
Unified billing Billing for multiple locations consolidated into one bill.

*Flat-rate applies to calls originating in other continental U.S. states.

*Intrastate calls will be subject to the standard intrastate rate.

*Calls made from a payphone will be assessed a 65 cents per call charge in order to properly compensate payphone owners.

*There is a $3.99 monthly fee per toll-free number.

call 1-877-550-5918 for details

Integrated Access: LD Voice & Data On A Single T-1

PowerNet Global Integrated Access meets individual  scalable demands to grow your business and is suited for any small or growing company with moderate bandwidth (128 Kbps to 1.024 Mbps) and voice (up to 22 lines) needs.

Integrated Access combines voice and Internet on one single T-1 line making it an affordable solution for small to medium-size businesses. You can deliver real value for your business with:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Lower long distance rates
  • True bottom-line savings

call 1-877-550-5918 for details

Audio Conferencing

PowerConference™ brings simplicity and convenience to conference calling. To start a call dial a private 800 number and the secure Moderator PIN Code. To join the call, all participants dial the same 800 number and a Participant PIN Code. It's that easy, and it's an excellent alternative to meetings that require travel.

PowerConference eliminates the hassles of sign-up fees, monthly commitments, or cancellation charges. Your call times are unlimited, and our 24 hour technical support team will be there if you have any questions. PowerConference is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no reservations or scheduling required.



  • Constant availability without scheduling or operator assistance.
  • Works the way you need it to - without complication.
  • Enhance your company's bottom line by reducing travel expenses & avoiding over-priced conference calling.
  • Helpful representatives there when you need them.
  • Forget set-up charges, monthly commitments, cancellation fees, time limits, and high per minute rates.
  • Archive your call for review or share with those unable to attend.

call 1-877-550-5918 for details